The Corona Virus and COVID-19: tips and tricks on how to survive this crisis as an autistic person

In a matter of days, life as we knew it in Austria has changed. The news cycle is evolving by the minute. New governmental rules are in place that an impact on our daily lives. To make sure the curve of Covid-19 infections is flattened as much as possible, it’s likely that similar measures will be taken in Germany as well. In this text I will focus on what is currently happening in Austria.

Many people are scared and worried about what is happening and have a hard time dealing with it. And even though people like to crack jokes about it – especially autistics can have a particularly hard time dealing with this new situation. All these changes are scary and can consume a lot of energy. The information overload and many of the instructions are vague and spark new questions:

Am I allowed to meet another person for a walk, if this person is not living with me? Am I allowed to go for a jog? Are dog parks still open to the public? Is someone allowed to drop by my apartment if I need help? When is my need of help valid? Which appointments do I have to cancel and which do I have to take? And who on earth is going to answer all my other questions?